The Gardeliana Association was founded by Cátulo Castillo in a meeting in La Boca in 1968, being Cátulo Castillo its first President.

The objectives of the Association have always been linked to the cultural heritage preservation and the promotion of such activity in Buenos Aires City.

Among the founding members of this Association, besides Cátulo Castillo we can mention the poet Julián Centeya, the writer Lean Benaros, the tango dance artist Juan Carlos Copez, and the stage tango painter Sigfredo Pastor among other skilled and talented characters from cultural and artistic background.

In 1978, the President of the Gardeliana Association, Mr Sigsfredo Pastor, stepped down in favor of Dr.Víctor Sasson, Penal Judge of San Isidro and a man very committed to the city. He would be the President for 19 years until his death in 1997.

During this active period for the Association, there were countless actions that were taken in order to promote and maintain tango and popular music. It was characteristic the high class level artistic value of the performances in which musicians, artists and cultural referents took part, such as Edmundo Guibourg, Cesar Tiempo, Raul Matera and Perez Celis among others.

It was the Association that took the initiative in the production of the Gardel Bust located in the Racecourse, which was created by the sculptor Bourse Herrera commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of Carlos Gardel death.

The famous painter Perez Celis produced the engraving for the printed design of one of the prestigious distinctions of the Gardeliana Association.

Few and very distinguished people have been honored with such award, among them:  Astor PiazzoIla, Horacio Salgan, Roberto Goyeneche, Lucas Demare, Aldo Ferrer, Osvaldo Pugliese, Natalio Etchegaray, Roberto Rufino, Raul Garello, and the Buenos Aires City Major, Facundo Suarez Lastra.

It was also the initiative of the Association the creation of the Carlos Gardel Classic, a traditional horseracing that takes place in the Argentinean Racecourse every June 24.

The Association also took the actions for the creation of the House of the Singer. This is an institution that has grouped together all national music singers since 1986, a dream that has finally come true.


It is worth a mention the Automóvil Club Argentina act in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the death of the people’s singer. The act was attended by more than five hundred people and the Orquesta Municipal de Tango performed pieces conducted by Carlos García and Raúl Garello.

The Gardeliana Association also promoted the acts in commemoration for the centenary anniversary of Carlos Gardel birth.

The Gardeliana Association initiated the procedures to get legal entity recognition but this was not achieved until the commission of 1999 entered in function. The Association was legally recognized as Asociación Gardeliana de Buenos Aires and it was legally authorized by the Justice General Inspection to function as a Civil Association with the its head office located on 310 3º Floor Lavalle St.



Signed Carlos Gardel picture dedicated to “Nonino”, Astor Piazzola’s father. Donated by Astor Piazzola to the Gardeliana Association, dedicated and signed by his own hand, given to Victor Sasson who was a friend of his youth and the Gardelaina Association President from 1978 to 1997.

The Asociación Gardeliana de Buenos Aires has the unique privilege of being an ancient institution and the first National Gardeliana Association to get legal entity. Furthermore, it has always promoted the creation of more associations of its kind, at the national and international level.

Moreover, the Asociación Gardeliana de Buenos Aires has always been very much concerned with stimulating artistic, scientific and sports events and promoting ethic and moral values which are deeply rooted in the genuine culture of our City.